Private infrastructure investment is developing rapidly as a global asset class. This evolution requires a clear and robust classification of the individual infrastructure companies that equity investors can acquire or debt investors can lend to.

The Infrastructure Company Classification Standard (TICCS®) was created by EDHECinfra to provide investors with a frame of reference to approach the asset class. It offers an alternative to investment categories that were inherited from the private-equity and real-estate universe (e.g. 'Core' vs 'Core+'), which may not be the most informative when trying to group infrastructure investments, design strategies or simply document the structure of the sector.

TICCS® is designed to be compatible with other standard investment-classification schemes. However it also uses fundamental insights from the academic literature to create a classification that embodies some of the key aspects of infrastructure businesses' risk profiles.

TICCS® is also the object of an annual market consultation and is audited by an independent Review Committee which includes senior representatives of the standard setting and infrastructure investment industry. 

TICCS® 2022 √ MAY 2022

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