Announcements of any relevant information pertaining to the indices are made at the beginning of each quarter. Press releases are posted on the EDHECinfra Web site at

Holiday Schedule

The indices are calculated at the beginning of each new quarter and published ten days (T+10) later, except after Q4 in which case they are published 20 days later (T+20) at the latest.


Rebalancing date may change for reasons including market holidays occurring on or around the scheduled rebalancing date.

Recalculation Policy

For information on the recalculation policy please refer to EDHECinfra’s index calculation methodology.

Contact Information

For questions regarding an index, please contact:

Index Dissemination

All EDHECinfra indices are available at

Key indices are also available on Bloomberg.  

Bloomberg® Tickers

TickerEDHECInfra Index CodeIndex Name

For further information please refer to EDHECinfra’s website at or