TICCS® Governance

TICCS® is the object of annual consultations to ensure that it continues to accurately and faithfully represent and integrate the various categories of the asset class.

TICCS® is governed by two bodies:

  • The TICCS® Review Committee reviews the findings of annual consultations once a year and makes recommendations to the TICCS Management Committee for the evolution of the standard.
  • The TICCS® Management Committee conducts the annual consultations and implements the recommendations of the Review Committee.

Annual TICCS® Consultation

The Management Committee organises annual consultations on TICCS® directly inviting a large group of professionals active in the infrastructure investment sector and making the consultation accessible online.

The consultations begin in May each year and last for four months, until the end of September.

The Management Committee Secretary sends the results of each consultation to the Review Committee within two weeks of its closing date.

The Chairman of the TICCS® Review Committee then convenes one or several sessions as is necessary within two months of receiving the findings. Once the consultation findings have been reviewed, the Review Committee Secretary sends the committee’s recommendations to the Management Committee’s Secretary.

At the end of each consultation (early January), a new version of TICCS® is published by EDHECinfra taking the Review Committee recommendations into account.

The 2019 Consultation took place in May-October 2019 and led to the Review Committee's feedback report in January 2020.