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Page: Access & Licencing EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: Approach EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: Are index constituents available? EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: Are only brownfield investments included in the universe? Alice James 2020-04-27
Page: Are there biases in the data? Alice James 2020-04-07
Page: Can researchers access the database? Alice James 2020-04-28
Page: Data Collection EDHECinfra 2020-03-13
Page: Does the index data keep changing or is it frozen? Abhishek Gupta 2021-04-29
Home page: Frequently Asked Questions EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: How are the firms included in the index universe selected? Alice James 2020-04-27
Page: How are the index returns computed? EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: How are the indices weighted? EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: How is the 'infrastructure' asset class defined? EDHECinfra 2020-07-13
Page: How is the raw data processed and aggregated? EDHECinfra 2020-04-29
Page: How large is the EDHECinfra database? Alice James 2020-04-07
Page: How many indices are available? EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: How often is the data updated? Alice James 2020-04-28
Page: How to access index data & analytics? Alice James 2020-04-09
Page: In what currencies are the indices computed? EDHECinfra 2020-03-26
Page: Indices & Benchmarks EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: Is the contributed data secure? Alice James 2020-04-07
Page: Is the index data available on Bloomberg®? Alice James 2020-04-09
Page: Methodology EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: Universe Construction EDHECinfra 2020-03-12
Page: What are the terms of index data & analytics trial licences? Alice James 2020-04-28
Page: What data is available on the platform? Alice James 2020-04-07
Page: What data is required to be included in index universe? Alice James 2020-04-07
Page: What is a calculated index? EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: What is a customised benchmark? EDHECinfra 2020-05-08
Page: When and why are firms removed from the index universe? Alice James 2020-04-07
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