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The construction of the index is done in two stages:

  • Rules-based inclusion in the index universe
  • Determination of constituent weights

Weighting Schemes

The index is market-value weighted. 

In value-weighted indices, each constituent influences the index in proportion to its value. The weights are calculated at each rebalancing date using the following formula:

LaTeX Math Block
w_{i,t} = \frac{V_{i, t}}{\sum\limits_{i}^{n} V_{i, t}}


LaTeX Math Inline
 denotes the weight of constituent
LaTeX Math Inline
 at time 
LaTeX Math Inline

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bodyV_{i, t}
 denotes index constituent
LaTeX Math Inline
's estimate of fair value at time
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The fair value is estimated using a consistent asset pricing methodology. Index-constituent value weights are calculated in the reference currency so that all constituent market values denominated in a different currency than the reference currency are converted accordingly.


Alternative weighting schemes are available including equal weights and capped weights, by which individual weights cannot exceed a 5% cap. A capped value-weight index follows the same calculation methodology as the value-weights scheme described above, however, prevents any single constituent from having a disproportionate influence on the index. A limit is imposed whereby an individual constituent's weight are capped at 5%. Thereafter, the weights of the remaining index constituents are increased as a consequence of reducing the weights of the larger companies. The weights of the uncapped constituents are then checked, and if they exceed 5%, they are then also capped at 5%. This is an iterative process that is repeated until no company exceeds 5%.

titleCustomised weights

Custom weighting schemes can also be designed in order to over- or under-weight different TICCS® segments.

Constituent Selection

Constituents (or Index Universe) are selected with the aim of creating a representative sample of the Identified Universe, as described in the Universe Standard

Constituent Entry and Exit

Constituents enter the index when they enter the index universe i.e. on their date of issuance. 

Constituents exit the index when they reach maturity or default. 

Timing of Changes

The index is reviewed on a quarterly basis by the EDHECinfra Index Committee for new entries and exits.