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What is the difference between the metrics available in Market Indices versus the Valuation module?


The Market Indices presents climate metrics for each of EDHECinfra index (e.g., infra300®, EW LCU).

Our Valuation Tools module presents benchmarks, which are emission averages at the market segment level, where the segments are defined by TICCS® pillars (such as Geography, Business Risk, Industrial Activity, Corporate Structure), and Equity Styles. This data is available for climate impacts and risks including baseline and scenario-based information.  

Things to consider:

Whilst market segments are a combination of a sector and region (e.g., transport in the US), indices can be more general and represent other specific parts of the market that can be as informative. For instance, the infra300® equity index represents the quarterly performance of 300 representative unlisted infrastructure companies, while the infraAsiaPac equity index represents the performance of 30 of the largest unlisted infrastructure companies in Asia Pacific countries.

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