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Q4 2021

This release updates EDHECinfra’s equity and debt indices as of Q4 2021.

  1. Data updates

    1. The financials of 370 companies were updated in this quarter using the latest audited accounts and other contributed data.
    2. Revenue forecasts of 527 companies were updated in line with the inflation expectations and Covid recovery estimated in particular sectors such as Airports, Roads, etc. Full details are available HERE
  2. Index announcements

    1. We have added 3 new companies to the Index Universe in the renewable energy sector highlighting our continued focus to increase the coverage in this market segment.
    2. Additionally, 4 companies from the broad universe were replaced due to financial data access limitations.
    3. The history of certain debt indices has been reset due to a change in the FX calculation. On average debt index levels have changed by 0.27%. Credit Spread calculation methodology for all the indices remains unchanged and continues to reflect the latest market data.
    4. In Q4 2021, two constituents in the infra300 index were substituted as both had reached their contract end. They were duly replaced with companies of similar size in the same TICCS IndustrialSuperClass.
  3. New indices
    No new indices were launched in this quarter.
  4. Calculation updates

    1. Index Freeze: Equity index calibrations are now frozen until Q4 2020 
    2. Analytics: No new analytics have been released in this quarter
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