TICCS contributions to QoQ total return

For a given TICCS pillar (e.g. business model) the contribution of a TICCS category within it (e.g. contracted),  QoQContri_{t} at time t is computed as:

\text{QoQContri}_{t} = \sum\limits_{i=1}^{n} (w_{i,t} \times r_{i,t})


w_{i,t} is the weight of asset i at time t,

r_{i,t} is the QoQ total returns of asset i at time t,

n is the number of constituents in that TICCS category

TICCS contributions to YoY total return

Just like the QoQ index total returns are compounded over 4 quarters to get to the YoY index total returns, the QoQ contribution for a given TICCS category are compounded using the index QoQ index total returns to get to the YoY contributions.

\text{YoYContri}_{t} = {QoQContri}_{t} + ({QoQContri}_{t-1} \times (1 + R_{t})) + ({QoQContri}_{t-2} \times (1 + R_{t-1})(1 + R_{t})) + ({QoQContri}_{t-3} \times (1 + R_{t-2})(1 + R_{t-1})(1 + R_{t}))


R_{t} is the QoQ total returns of the index at time t

Contributions expressed as percentages 

The analytics described above are in absolute terms. Adding all the contributions across the categories of a TICCS pillar results in the index total returns. However, they can also be expressed in percentage terms like so:

\text{QoQContri}_{t} \text{(%)}= \frac{{QoQContri}_{t}}{R_{t}} \times 100

The same can be done with YoY contribution.

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