QoQ cash returns and price returns are compounded using the QoQ index total return as the reinvestment rate for the year. This method ensures that the compounded cash and capital components add up to the compounded total return for the year. The methodology is the same as used for the TICCS contribution of the returns.

YoY cash yield = \sum_{i=1}^4 \left( CY_i * \Pi_{j=i+1}^4 \left( 1 + TR_j \right) \right)

YoY capital return = \sum_{i=1}^4 \left( CR_i * \Pi_{j=i+1}^4 \left( 1 + TR_j \right) \right)

where, CY_i is the QoQ cash return (see Income return)

CR_iis the QoQ price return (see Price Return)

TR_j is the QoQ total return (see Total Returns)

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