Data CodeEntity LevelData Field NameDescriptionFormat
INAT01InstrumentSeniorityThe ranking of the instrument in terms of receiving repayment, interest or in the liquidation of the company? Key considerations should include whether the instrument is secured over the assets. Could the Instrument be considered senior or mezzanine or is it provided by shareholders and unsecured by any assets?Alphanumeric
INAT02InstrumentTypeWhat is the nature of the instrument? - Term Loan - Bond - Swap - Working Capital Facility - Bridge FacilityAlphanumeric
INAT03InstrumentCurrencyThe currency of the instrumentAlphanumeric
INAT11InstrumentAmortisationHow is the amortisation profile of the instrument sculpted?Alphanumeric
INAT04InstrumentFace Value OutstandingThe face value of the instrument at the time of the balance dateInteger
INAT10InstrumentEffective Interest RateIf there interest rate is fixed or hedged using swaps, what is the effective interest rate of the instrument?Decimal
INAT05InstrumentBenchmark Interest RateIf the instrument is linked to a benchmark, what is this benchmark rate?Decimal
INAT06InstrumentCredit SpreadIf the instrument is linked to a benchmark, what is the credit spread above/below the benchmark rate of the instrument?Integer
INAT07InstrumentFinal Maturity DateThe final maturity date of the instrumentYYYY-MM-DD
INAT08InstrumentFacility LimitThe facility limit of the instrumentInteger
INAT09InstrumentRepayment FrequencyThe repayment frequency of the instrumentAlphanumeric

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