Data CodeEvent CategoryData Field NameDescriptionFormat
ICFE01Milestone EventIncorporation dateOfficial incorporation dateYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE02Milestone EventInitial investment dateDate of financial close, acquisition or privatisationYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE03Milestone EventGreenfield construction startBreaking ground in greenfield projectsYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE04Milestone EventGreenfield construction completionCompleted greenfield constructionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE05Milestone EventPartial operations startStart of the first phase of operationsYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE06Milestone EventFull operations beginProject is fully operationalYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE07Milestone EventBrownfield construction startNew construction phase in brownfield investmentYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE08Milestone EventBrownfield construction completionCompletion of new construction phase in brownfield investmentYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE09Milestone EventInvestment end dateDivestement or end of the contract (concession)YYYY-MM-DD
ICFE10Regulatory EventRegulatory reviewNext regulatory review or determinationYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE11Regulatory EventRenegotiationRenegotiation of the original contractYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE12Regulatory EventTerminationTermination of the original contractYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE13Regulatory EventArbitrationDispute resolution through arbitrationYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE14Regulatory EventRenewalRenewal of the original contractYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE20Credit EventLockupShareholders are not allowed to disitrbute dividendsYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE21Credit EventSoft DefaultThe firm can still pay its debt but creditors can exercise step-in rightsYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE22Credit EventHard DefaultThe firm cannot pay its debt and creditors can claim the control of the firmYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE23Credit EventAdministrationThe firm is bankruptYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE24Credit EventLiquidationThe firm is liquidated/soldYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE25Credit EventEmergence From DefaultEnd of default periodYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE26Credit EventEmergence From LockupEnd of lockup periodYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE31Technical EventConstruction DelaysDelays in constrution completionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE32Technical EventSystem FailureTechnical failure causing material technical disruptionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE33Technical EventAccidentLarge accident (e.g., fire) causing material technical disruptionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE27Credit EventRefinancingNew debt facility replaces previous oneYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE28Credit EventPrepaymentEarly repayment of all senior debtYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE34Technical EventConstruction Faults DiscoveredFaults that significantly impact on the cash flows to the project are discoveredYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE35Technical EventConstruction Warranty CalledIn order to mitigate faults discovered the project calls the warranty protection provided by the EPCYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE36Technical EventDelayed Acceptance of FacilitiesThe independent verifier refuses to agree that the facilities are completedYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE37Technical EventEnvironmental Approvals DelayedThe project is delayed due to a failure to obtain environmental approvals or the approvals are withdrawnYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE38Technical EventFacilities Suffer a Catastrophic FailureThe facilities were shut down due to a major breakdown in the facilities either as a result of fire, etc., or construction problemsYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE39Technical EventForce MajeureForce majeure is called in the contractYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE40Technical EventInsurance Claim for Construction FaultsTo cover construction faults insurance policies are calledYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE41Technical EventLiquidated DamagesConstruction delays have resulted in liquidated damages being enforcedYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE45Legal EventLitigation Against Construction CompanyAs a result of the construction company failures, the SPV has commenced legal actionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE46Legal EventLitigation Against GovernmentAs a result of the government changes or non-compliance, the SPV has commenced legal actionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE47Legal EventLitigation Against Off-TakerAs a result of the off-taker's non-compliance, the SPV has commenced legal actionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE48Legal EventLitigation Against SuppliersAs a result of the supplier's non-compliance, the SPV has commenced legal actionYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE15Regulatory EventNew Off-take Contract SignedThe SPV has signed a new off take agreementYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE16Regulatory EventOption Exercised to Terminate the Project EarlyGovernment has decided to terminate the project earlyYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE17Regulatory EventPenalties IncurredThe SPV is deducted penalties as a result of failure to meet agreed standardsYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE18Regulatory EventOff-take Contract ExpiresThe off-take contract has expiredYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE19Regulatory EventRegulatory InterventionThe economic regulator has intervened into the marketYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE29Credit EventSupplier Terminates ContractA key supplier to the project either terminates the contract or enters administration impacting on the viability of the projectYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE30Credit EventSwap Counter Party DefaultThe swap counterparty defaults impacting the debt service of the projectYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE42Technical EventCost Over RunsThe cost to construct the project is significantly over the expected cost at financial closeYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE43Technical EventAsset MothballedThe owners have decided to stop operating the asset but will keep the assets in case the market improvesYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE44Technical EventImpairmentThe date a material impairment of the instructure company is recognised.YYYY-MM-DD
ICFE50AcquisitionDebt Stake SalePart or all of the firm's debt is divestedYYYY-MM-DD
ICFE49AcquisitionEquity Stake SalePart or all of the firm's equity is divestedYYYY-MM-DD

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