Data CodeEntity LevelData Field NameDescriptionFormat
ICCH01Infrastructure CompanyInvestment NameThe name of the company or if not a company of the project.Alphanumeric
ICCH02Infrastructure CompanyCorporationA flag as to whether the investment is a corporation or a special-purpose vehicle.Alphanumeric
ICCH03Infrastructure CompanyIncorporation DateThe date that the company was first registered with the company regulators.YYYY-MM-DD
ICCH04Infrastructure CompanyCountryThe country that the assets or company is domiciled in.Alphanumeric
ICCH05Infrastructure CompanyRegionIf the company is domiciled in two or more countries the ISO region that the company is based in.Alphanumeric
ICCH06Infrastructure CompanyCompany DescriptonA brief description of what the company does its major customers and the size of the investment. This includes a description of the technology used the geographic area and any economic regulators.Alphanumeric
ICCH07Infrastructure CompanyAsset CodeThe TICCS classification of the infrastructure asset(s) of the company.Alphanumeric
ICCH08Infrastructure CompanyLocationThe general location of the asset.Alphanumeric

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