Data CodeEntity LevelData Field NameDescriptionFormat
ICAT01Infrastructure CompanyRegistered NameThe registered name of the company holding the investmentAlphanumeric
ICAT02Infrastructure CompanyInvestment PeriodNumber of years the investment is expected to last for (typically contract end date)Integer
ICAT03Infrastructure CompanyAsset LifeThe useful life of the asset. This may be different from the investment period.Integer
ICAT04Infrastructure CompanyCapacityHow big the asset is. This can be in Megawatts, KMs, TEUs etc.Integer
ICAT05Infrastructure CompanySenior Debt TermAt financial close, the term of the senior debtInteger
ICAT06Infrastructure CompanyInitial Senior LeverageThe initial leverage of the project once debt is fully drawn downDecimal
ICAT07Infrastructure CompanyADSCRThe average debt service reserve coverage ratio at financial closeDecimal
ICAT08Infrastructure CompanyContracted Construction CostThe expected contracted construction cost at financial closeInteger
ICAT09Infrastructure CompanyOutturn Construction CostThe actual construction costInteger
ICAT10Infrastructure CompanyInvestment SizeUSD size of the investment at financial closeDecimal
ICAT11Infrastructure CompanyStatusStatus of the firm. Is it currently in operations, in administration, or in liquidation?Alphanumeric
ICAT12Infrastructure CompanyGreenfieldWhether or not the project is a greenfield developmentAlphanumeric
ICAT13Infrastructure CompanyForexFlag for whether there is a mismatch between debt and earningsAlphanumeric
ICAT14Infrastructure CompanyCurrencyThe functional currency for the infrastructure companyAlphanumeric
ICAT15Infrastructure CompanyBusiness ModelThe TICCS® business model definition for the project (contracted, merchant, or regulated)Alphanumeric
ICBMAT01Infrastructure CompanyContractedFor firms that are contracted, this is a flag for whether the project has a contract supporting revenue according to the TICCS® business risk classifications.Alphanumeric
ICBMAT02Infrastructure CompanyContract Counter PartyIs the contract counterparty a government, subgovernment, or private company?Alphanumeric
ICBMAT03Infrastructure CompanyContract TermAt financial close, the term of the revenue contract in yearsInteger
ICBMAT04Infrastructure CompanyPercentage ContractedIf the project is contracted, the proportion of which the Total capacity of the project is accounted for with the contract.Decimal
ICBMAT05Infrastructure CompanyPercentage Revenues IndexedIf the project is contracted, the proportion of the revenues underwritten by the contract that is indexed to inflation.Decimal
ICBMAT06Infrastructure CompanyInputs ContractedFor firms where the revenue is contracted, this is a flag as to whether the inputs are contracted as well.Alphanumeric
ICBMAT07Infrastructure CompanyTariff RegulatedFor firms that have regulated revenues, this is a flag that indicates whether the tariff is regulated.Alphanumeric
ICBMAT08Infrastructure CompanyCapex RegulatedFor firms that are regulated, this is a flag which indicates whether the capital expenditure of the firm is regulated.Alphanumeric
ICBMAT09Infrastructure CompanyReturn RegulatedFor firms that are regulated, this is a flag that indicates whether the rate of return on capital is regulated.Alphanumeric
ICBMAT10Infrastructure CompanyPeriodic RegulationFor firms that are regulated, this is a flag that indicates if this regulation is reset periodically.Alphanumeric
ICBMAT11Infrastructure CompanyFrequency RegulationIf the firm is regulated and the regulation is reset, how many years pass between regulation resets?Integer
ICBMAT12Infrastructure CompanyLast DeterminationFor firms that are regulated, what was the date of the the most recent regulatory determination?YYYY-MM-DD
ICAT16Infrastructure CompanyECAIs there any export credit agency involved in the deal at financial close?Alphanumeric
ICAT17Infrastructure CompanyPRIAt financial close is there any political risk insurance?Alphanumeric
ICAT18Infrastructure CompanyIFIAt financial close, is there any participation in the deal from an international financial institution?Alphanumeric
ICAT19Infrastructure CompanyGov OwnershipIs the asset significantly owned by government (>50%)Alphanumeric
ICBMAT13Infrastructure CompanyListedIs the asset listed on a stock exchangeInteger

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